Delight Retreat 2016

Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-10
      In January, I registered for the Spring Delight Retreat, even though I wasn’t sure if everything would fall into place for me to get there. Like God often does, He provided everything I needed—the best travel buddy, all the funds necessary to go, and a peace that passes all understanding.
     I had no idea what God had in store for me at the retreat. From the moment we joined several other Delight girls at the Seattle airport on Thursday, I knew I was right where I needed to be. It was like a family reunion–not as if we had just met. Over the week strangers became sisters, and treasured friendships began. We shared stories across tables, prayed for each other every day, and celebrated as God freed us from so much weight we had carried. There is something about like-minded believers coming together and doing what they were created to do! It was such a blessing to be able to go to the Delight Retreat, and it was a week that has left me forever changed!
     Flying across the country to spend a week in Washington led me to grow in ways I could have never imagined as I faced fears and laid them at our Father’s feet. Worshiping with over 30 women every day led me to learn more about my Creator, and to open my heart to Him. The creative sessions led me to experience new skills as a photographer, and my small group reminded me of how community is supposed to be. Delight in the Lord and be FREE, friends!
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” // John 8:36
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-2
Each morning I awoke to this incredible view!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1
One of my favorite photos from the week!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-3-2
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-4
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-3
When I first started praying about attending the retreat, I knew I didn’t want to fly alone! I messaged Kristi and we were both so excited to find out that we had been praying for a “travel buddy” for the retreat and God had answered our prayers! This girl is such an encouragement and a joy to be around!! I love you, Kristi!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-2
Erin ran up and hugged me as soon as she saw me in the Seattle airport, and we had such an amazing time of getting to know each other over the next week! She’s so beautiful, inside and out, and truly is a woman after God’s heart!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-37
Beautiful Emily!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-41
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-38
Sweet Melissa was so fun to be around!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-46
Alyssa is a fabulous photographer, and a natural model in front of the lens!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-62
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-76
Liz has the greatest laugh and can easily bring a smile to anyone’s face!
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-79
Beautiful Maddy! It was so fun to explore with and photograph this sweet girl!
Maddy Delight Retreat-1-17
Leavenworth Washington Engagement Session-1-20
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-73
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-82
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-92
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-93
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-96
Precious Momma Wall and Kelly! Two of the many incredible leaders who poured into us at the retreat! I am so thankful for all of you! ❤
Leavenworth Washington Delight Retreat-1-97
Be on the lookout for the next couple of blog posts, as I’ll be sharing photos from the creative sessions that I captured in Washington!

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