Delight in the Gulf

Seven girls at the beach, loving Jesus with their cameras in hand. If you had told me a few years ago, that some of my best friends would be “online friends”, I might have called you crazy. Yet here I am, with so many friends I’ve grown to love through Delight, and girls that are like sisters to me. Delight is a group of young ladies who strive to glorify God with their talents. We encourage each other, lift up prayer requests, and sometimes…get to meet in “real life”! 🙂 Last week I was blessed with time spent with six “Delight girls” in Florida! We took photos on the beach, shared stories over dinner & frozen yogurt, and talked about our hopes & dreams early in the morning. So much joy in that short time we had together, and so many memories made. I’m so delighted to share today some photos from our mini retreat!


Kristi is basically one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! She wants to show people how loved they are, and how much God loves them! Her creativity is so inspiring, and her photos are amazing!!! Kristi is beautiful inside & out, and it was so special to finally be able to “really” talk with her!





Moriah is amazing. Seriously. Ever since I emailed her over a year ago, after finding her on Instagram, we have been friends, and now Moriah is like a big sister to me. She is always encouraging me to be a better photographer & to love more. It was such a gift to finally be able to meet her after only talking to each on social media for so long!





Sweet Anna has been there for me & all my photography questions for about two years now! She is so wise, and always there to pray for me! Anna is talented in so many ways, and always gives glory to God. It was so amazing to actually see her in-person, and to hear about her hopes & dreams!



She’s also Queen of the Flower Crowns. 😉



Beautiful Grace. Her joy shines with her laugh, and she is so elegant. She is brave & gorgeous, an amazing photographer, and reflects the love of Jesus! Grace has such a sweet spirit and is a joy to be around! I had such a great time getting to know her last week!





Makaela is ever so lovely. She is so strong and kind! She is a fabulous photographer, and so creative! Makaela is a beautiful example of someone who trusts God and desires to know Him more! I’m so glad I was able to meet her!!





Taylor is one of those people who makes you smile whenever they’re around. She is so sweet and her wisdom is beyond her years. She is so beautiful & such a talented photographer! I was so excited to finally meet Taylor & get to know her even more! 🙂





So, yes. These were some of the greatest moments of my year so far, and this was definitely the best spring break EVER!!! I am so thankful for Delight and how I have grown to love Community > Competition while praising Jesus together!




Blessings, Moriah

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  1. Love this so so much! It was such a joy + blessing to meat you, and I can’t wait for another meet up real soon. 😉 xx

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