One Person, One Soul, One Oppurtunity

You know that young mom you stand beside every day as you each wait to pick up your children from day care? Or that man who always orders lunch at the same time as you? Maybe they’re that student who sits behind you in home room.
Whatever the case, think about that person; that one person who always seems to find their way into your life, yet you may not even know their name.
Maybe you’re like me, and want to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Dreams of a revival in our nation like Billy Graham saw, or leading a whole village in Africa to Christ.
What if, for a moment, we slowed down and saw the needs around us? What if we saw that one soul, in a sea of people, who God wants us to minister to, yet we’ve been so busy dreaming and thinking about the future we didn’t see them?
Don’t misunderstand me; I know God works in HUGE ways! But He also works in the everyday, in the small things that we sometimes miss.
That one person, who God has placed in your life, maybe even someone you will never see again, may need you to pray with them. They might need to hear the Gospel, or encouragement.
We never know what people are going through, but we can always shine His Light into the darkest places.
Think week, make an effort to love every person who God places in your path, whether you’ve known them all your life or had never seen them before.  Share stories how you impact those around you!

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