We Can’t.

I chose a vague title for this post, but couldn’t find a better way to begin. We can’t.

Every person has a longing for something; that something-that Someone, is God. We have a void in our heart that can not be filled by anything this world has to offer. We can’t be whole without God.

We all are sinners. We may try to do the right thing, give to the poor, and even go to church regularly, but that won’t save us. Good deeds won’t “get us” into heaven. We can’t save our souls.

Even after salvation, we are still broken people. We strive to have faith and believe, but we still fall. We still doubt, and sometimes maybe even stop pursuing God. We can’t make our faith be complete.

But here is the beautiful part: He can.


God created us with that void, knowing only He will ever satisfy us. He can make us whole.

God’s perfect plan was set into motion from the beginning of time. He knew Adam & Eve would eat the forbidden fruit. He knew humanity would fail. But He loves us. God sent His Son to die. Jesus, blameless and without sin, paid the price that would save all nations from eternity separated from God. He can save our souls.

Hebrews 12:2 says, “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…” We have sin in us, and it is a constant battle to stand firm our faith. But here’s the thing: We can’t create faith within ourselves; it is truly a gift from God. He helps us believe and trust Him. He can make our faith complete.

Isn’t that beautiful? In every way we fail, He reigns. We can’t, but He can. Know that whenever you feel like you can’t make it through, go to the One who can.

Blessings, Moriah

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