Be Still and Know

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

     This past weekend, my family and I were able to go to a football game. If you’ve ever been to a college football game, specifically in the SEC, you know how loud it can be. From the pep rallies to the touchdowns, fans are cheering and bands are playing. I stood, waiting for the pep rally to begin, my little brothers waving their colorful shakers behind me, the crowd cheering expectantly, and I looked up and noticed something.


     It wasn’t anything that might be considered “amazing” or “extravagant”. It was a single leaf, falling from a nearby tree. I probably was the only one to notice it, but in that moment, it seemed that the crowds around me had faded away. In that split-second of stillness, it was as if God was whispering, “Be still.”

     In life, it is so easy to let the chaos around us keep us so busy, that we try to push God to the side. We may come to Him for guidance, but then run off again before we stop to listen. Will you pause to meet with Him? Will you be still for a moment, because you long to hear His voice? I pray that this week, you will pause in the middle of this busy week and just thank God. Be still, and know. Be still, and thank Him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings, Moriah


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