Living the Christ Life

Maybe you’ve been trying to live the holy life. You’re pursuing God, and trying to do all the right things, but it seems like others are getting all the attention. Sometimes its easy to be discouraged, when other people are exalted because of the things they do, good or bad. And you come to church or maybe even a conference, hoping for God to give you something amazing, only to leave disappointed.


I’m going to be honest, it is not about us. It’s not about us or what we get out of it, but shining His Light and being an example of His love to the world. The world is yelling at us to be mad at God, because others are being praised, and we’re not, even though we do good. We may feel like no one notices us, that our silent worship is in vain. But in the midst of the world’s shouting, we hear His still, small voice, whispering, “I see you.”


It doesn’t matter how many people praise us, or how many awards we’re given. It’s all about bringing God glory. Once we start meeting with Him simply to praise Him for who He is, we won’t long for others’ praise. We will simply long for Him.


It can be life-changing. No longer living for ourselves, but for God and His kingdom. It’s a process, but over time, we desire to live fully for Him, and live the Christ Life.



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